Sad Love Quotes


The ones that you love the most are
usually the ones that hurt you the most.


It’s like taking me
to the highest mountain,
showing me the world,
and saying
this is what
you can’t have.


Missing you could turn
from pain to pleasure,
if I knew you were
missing me too.



Shoelaces in love

Shoelaces in love

I have a cousin , just married , with a table brother to my home .

Before leaving, her husband suddenly leaned over the table to give my cousin socks .

A deduction of a button, fasten thin , his face is very focused, not a shred of embarrassment , my cousin seems to have become accustomed to watch her ​​husband’s attentions , expression is very natural ,

Touches , made me and my mother was embarrassed , they had gone, I secretly touched by the couple for their sweetness ! I thought what you can find when a husband willing to own shoelaces .

That year the winter , the snow was great , my husband and I just returned from my husband came back , they received a friend’s pager . We were about to go skiing.

In the ski resort, a lot of people managed to squeeze a bench beside , we started changing his shoes , a blink of an eye , a few friends have been for a good shoe , ski pole propped out . My husband has a rest already pregnant friend.

She slowly sitting in a chair , straining their feet kicking off his shoes , then put huge ski boots struggling to think bent down, put on ski boots department . But do not bend down, when she was already six months pregnant , and the buckle like a pot belly , plus a cover of thick down jacket on the outside , it looks like a one big Benxiong .

She had her husband does not agree belly to ski , but she insisted on coming , but unfortunately , she had to depend on her husband .

Came here after her husband careless , seeking only to teach others how to ski , but forget to take care of his wife , when I was a sight that shocked !

I saw my husband was about to put down a series of ski boots , suddenly walked in front of her , bent down , skillfully put her shoelaces a good one buckle clasp fastened . Face calm water , there is no condescension in distress , but also courted the flattery not like to tie their shoes as an underage girl .

I was not too happy there for a while , there is a sour feeling. Because married to now, he has not taken the initiative to our department once shoelaces. But soon , my sympathies would overcome jealousy , because I knew he was helping a person in need of help , I am proud of his love , and to feel ashamed of my indifference puppet !

Later, we were escorted her out of the room, put her to the front of her husband , after he told her to take good care , they hold hands together slide down from the hillside , never separated.

About socks episode I soon forgot, my husband is good to me , I was immersed in the love of her husband in delicate plain . For example, after a bath, he gave me a drink of cold water to dry good in sick to enjoy what he gave me a good irrigation water bottle , at this moment , came the news of the divorce cousin .

Heard the news , I was shocked. Feeling so good husband and wife, how to say from the off .

Asked why, there is a woman on the outside table brother , cousin swallow breath, say a hundred times to find a good man than the table brother . No matter how beg Table brother , cousin nor a change of heart , because her heart-breaking to the uttermost .

I understand cousin , her relatives have long been recognized as the most happy woman , this incident made ​​her lose face in front of relatives . In addition , the cousin looked beautiful, but handsome brother table , she is confident than he in love .

Told the story to her husband , the thought that he would like me by surprise , but, he smiled gently : “It ‘s nothing, I’ve seen, they do not show a normal man is not love love is not so and do not need to show love , but meticulous care . ”

Yes, ah, socks husband to his wife had an affair , not a husband to his wife but then laced wife care a plus , it made ​​me reflect on a long time.

In the community , such as the table brother likes girls with love hearts and minds of men cheat show there are many girls love must not be affected by this fire is easily moved , and do not always take someone else with their boyfriend boyfriend comparison.

Love is no standard , maybe he loves you in his own way .

In short , love is not shoelaces inside !

I’m not stupid, but I love you, I would be willing to believe you, even if it’s just a lie

I’m not stupid, but I love you, I would be willing to believe you, even if it’s just a lie

Bow to you , does not mean I’m wrong, but I am more love you , so I chose the first to admit,

Listen to lie to you , does not mean I do not understand that, but I love you , so I chose not to pursue the matter,

You and he is good, not I do not know , but I love you compare , so pretend I do not know ,

You do not care , I do not know that, but I love you more than you care about it ,

You want to leave , I myself have several , but I am more love you so sad to let you go .

Two people live so long, your mind on what I want to know everything ,

Sometimes feel that they know you , but sometimes you could not guess ,

You obviously have long been known gourd sell what drugs,

Himself or just thought and thought to yourself countless answers

Perhaps this is to give yourself a reason not to hurt it,

Maybe this is just not willing to admit that they did not imagine you know ,

Or maybe it’s just because I love you … but concocted reasons .

Do not open just to avoid quarrels , makes you more and more distant from me ,

Select the patience to get along , makes you make mistakes again and again ,

Stay for a better future , but you always did not let me see tomorrow ,

I love you is for happiness and love , but you can only give my best memories … sad .

Feel so humble , his pride was gone,

Past that are no longer confident that they have their own , and

Put down the self-esteem, to lay down his own , but it still does not fit you ,

Love does not fit , does not fit you , but has put himself … .

Do not tell me , I know you do not pay you ,

Do not say to me , how much I love you deep you do not know ,

Is my acting good, or your reactions are too slow,

You can not know what my mind was thinking ,

But you have not found one that I’m sad eyes ,

Then powerful camouflage, if you love me you’ll still know,

I do not know just because you did not understand me,

I do not know do not take my hand and say you love me,

I’m not stupid, but I love you, I would be willing to believe you, even if it was just a lie …

Love Words

My thoughts are free to go anywhere,
but it’s surprising
how often they head
in your direction.

Real tears are not those that fall
from the eyes and cover the face,
but those that fall from the heart and cover the soul.

If you ask me about the love,
I can’t answer you.
But if you ask me who I love,
the answer is you.

Love is just a word until someone
you meet gives it a proper meaning.

there’s always an:
”us” in tr(us)t.
& an ”if” in l(if)e.


Under the sunset evening
Enchanting heaven
We admire crimson
The sight of the people on the ground
Made us smile eyebrows
Dutch style garden
Left our rosy cheeks
Perhaps sunset light selfless stained cheeks in our youth
Perhaps it is due to see each other while a touch of color conceal

Poems for your boyfriend
That style windmill
Romantic get people seem to see
Dutch young man
And their loved ones
Run together in the wind
Are looking to turn the wind windmill
Romantic get people seem to have heard
Love cries echoed in the plains
Long shiny eyes of the heart
Tell the world
Love not End
Love is not in Cape
Love hearts sweetheart at the moment

Remember penthouse sultry
Remember the summer I spent with you
Forgive me unromantic
Forgive me feel to see windmills
Like to see our home fans
That night we moved accidentally being picked up to go electric fan
That we do not have much money left to buy a second electric fan
That summer only help us get rid of the only electric hot
In front of it with us happily eating watermelon had no refrigerator ice
In front of it we are happy together on the ground with the network
In front of it you were anxiously waiting for me to go home
I have in front of it waiting for you after work happy
In the face of it we have cried together
In front of it witnessed our emotions
Perhaps not all of the romantic garden style Dutch windmill testimony
Instead, like the little like a windmill fan
Perhaps not all romantic sunset Dutch style garden testify
But that touch his face crimson and witness
Romantic scenery without the time and place where
Romantic side in you and me